Artist Statement

Melissa Gill’s imagery is informed by her interest in personal transformation, and her personal experience as a Buddhist practitioner. Her works on paper and fabric are a combination of media including intaglio and relief printmaking, drawing, painting, collage, and embroidery. Gill creates a dynamic interplay of patterns, both organic and geometric, that act as a metaphor for the energetic dynamics of experience.

Printmaking is a process of repetitive motions; a circular path around the shop, rolling the ink and the block over and over again, turning the crank on the press, the cutting, scraping, wiping, marking and burnishing. It is a practice of internal call and response necessitating intense concentration and focus-very similar to meditation.

In this sense, Gill conceives of the practice of making as a kind of ritual. Similar to many Buddhist practices and rituals, she holds the intention for her work to strengthen or benefit the viewer in some way. In this approach, the original ritual function of art, which has always been implicit, is made more explicit.